‎"Souvent je baise bourré, uniquement pour retrouver l'ivresse amoureuse. Si le cœur ne bat pas, il faut au moins avoir la tête qui tourne."


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Aah good to know the background of the song ^^ As the son of an officer myself, my own father isn't home much either, and when he is home he's stressed and upset with work, or sleeping. I suppose it may just be my own connection with it, but I see little Stiles left with, not so much bitter, but just sad and tired memories of a father who wasn't home as much as Stiles would've liked because he was trying to work his way to the title of Sheriff and then dying in the job that kept him from home.

….You just made me very sad, Anon. This would be a wonderful idea for an AU fic, I think it would have changed the way Stiles is in many ways.




This person deserves the internet award. 


i think we’re all a little in (a healthy and respectful bit of) love right now


True Fact: Jeff Davis said when they were narrowing down the casting for Stiles Stilinski they referred to Dylan’s version as “Gumby Stiles”


I need eight year old Stiles on the playground with the cool kids all asking everyone if they like hot dogs or donuts and him just very confusedly saying ‘I like both, once I ate a hotdog with a donut’ and its not until he’s lying in bed at like 16 that he just suddenly remembers this moment and he sits up in bed and just goes ‘fuck.’ 


“They say that the pack has an archer who never misses, and a firestarter who is immune to an Alpha’s bite; that of the humans who fight alongside tooth and claw, the most dangerous is a boy with a name no one knows, who bears a red standard-” - Hide Of A Life War